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Pay off high interest credit cards and loans into one low monthly payment! Apply now for a debt consolidation home loan. With an debt consolidation loan, you can save up to $500, $600, or even more every month by paying off your high interest credit cards and consumer loans. And you can do this even if your credit is less-than-perfect! We even have loans that require little or no equity in your property.

This may be your golden opportunity to re-establish your credit...recover from overwhelming debt...or consolidate your high-interest debt into one easy, low-interest monthly payment. Because you may qualify for a debt consolidation loan. Our friendly staff is ready to help you! Start by applying online - even if you have been turned down before!

Take a look at just how much you could save!
Before Consolidation Coins After Consolidation coins

Want to see how much you can save? Use our Debt Consolidation Calculator or simply Apply Now!

Bills Balance Payment
Auto loan $15,210 $520
Visa $9.834 $275
Mastercard $5,450 $140
American Express $8,231 $287
Sears $5,312 $210
Wards $3,323 $153
Total $47,360 $1,585


New Loan $50,000 $600*


You Save!! $985

*Monthly payments based on a 15 year fixed loan with an APR of 12.831%. This is an example only. Actual monthly payments, closing costs and APRs may vary.

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